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Convert to Net Zero Energy

And say goodbye to your utility bills

A Net Zero Energy Home is one that produces as much (or more) energy as it uses. A Net Zero home blends energy efficiency with effective renewable-energy sources, allowing you to enjoy ideal interior temperatures without the need for additional energy.

Net Zero Energy (NZE) is the Gold Standard for many new homes and GMI Solar can now make energy independence a reality for you, in your new or in your existing home.

Let us explain how you can offset your entire utility bill while also receiving payments for the RECs you are making, by utilizing a thoroughly legitimate but little known incentive plan. This incentive plan allows you to receive a stream of income for the next several years (it’s 15 years in CT) simply because you produced that power all the while utilizing that power to “spin your electric meter BACKWARDS.”

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Achieving Net Zero with GMI Solar

A GMI Star Tracker solar system can produce enough power to meet a home’s electrical needs, with power to spare, including heating and cooling the homes while also providing domestic hot water. In other words, your power bills over the course of a year is net $0.00 (zero dollars). This includes eliminating your gas, propane and other fossil fuels you use for your home. And don’t forget, locking in a predictable energy rate against future rises further maximizes the return on your investment.

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The federal rebate is 30% off your solar price installation
Sales & use tax exemption in Connecticut
20 year ( 100% ) financing options for home owners
Property tax exemption for class I renewable energy systems

Install our state-of-the-art Star Tracker

A high performance solar system that is technologically innovative, environmentally sustainable, and financially effective.


Generate free electricity for your home all year round with a GMI residential solar system and achieve a net zero energy home.


Energy rates rise at 6% on average a year. Let GMI show you how your business can lock-in low electricity rates for 20 years and beyond.

Public Sector

GMI has the expertise to provide cost effective solar energy solutions for schools and other public facilities. You can trust us to deliver.

GM Industries, Inc. established in 1980


GM Industries, Inc. established in 1980 as an electrical and electronics service company. GM Industries, Inc. has been committed in executing a strategic plan evolving the corporation into a full service major electrical and manufacturing company serving a broad range of customers across the US. GM Industries, Inc. is a leading Net Zero Renewable Energy Specialist in the Northeast. We are headquartered in Tolland, CT where we locally design, develop, and manufacture the photovoltaic (PV) solar panel tracking technology.