GMI Power-Tilt Makes Solar Installation Easier

The New GMI Power-Tilt promises reduced installation time!

Our Patent Pending innovation cuts solar panel installation time by 50% while enhancing safety (no ladders or scaffolding required)

GMI leading the way for Solar Installation Technology

icon_check A completely ground-up mechanism for installing pole-mounted solar panels

Eliminates the need for ladders, scaffoldings or staging.

icon_checkIncrease productivity

Makes installation faster and less labor intensive.

icon_checkMinimum disruption, greater safety and efficiency

The GMI Power-Tilt Hydraulic Actuator is removed once installation is completed and used again for subsequent projects.

The GMI Solar Tracker is also designed to allow for future expansion

If you ever want more power (for example due to the increased power needs of a home addition), our Power Tilt system with hydraulic actuator will allow us to add solar panels to your existing array, with minimal downtime and minimal disruption.