Residential Solar Power

GMI takes care of all aspects of your residential solar installation

Residential Solar
  • Step 1: Request a free residential solar evaluation from GMI.
  • Step 2: A consultant will visit your property and conduct a site assessment.
  • Step 3: GMI will develop a customized solar solution to suit your property based on your energy requirements.
  • Step 4: Installation of your solar system will be carried out by GMI’s experienced and professional team.
  • Step 5: Once the installation is complete, you can start drawing energy from the sun and watch your utility bills take a dive!
Take control of your energy cost
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GMI will take care of all aspects of your solar installation including financing options, permit and tax incentive applications.

Tax Rebates

State and federal incentives are at the highest they will ever be, so you pay less! For example, the State of CT offers either generous rebates or a ZREC Tariffs, and the Federal Gov’t kicks in 30%.

Tax Exemptions

Residential solar PV systems in Connecticut are exempt from all property taxes (some towns require that you file a form with the assessor’s office before the first day of November in the applicable assessment year).

Low Cost Financing

As an authorized dealer for the best manufacturers, we work hard every day to bring you the most competitive financing options.

The result is we offer the most productive system for the lowest monthly payment.

As an example be sure to ask us about finance option of up to 20 years.

The GMI Power Station

The GMI Power Station gives you 100% or more energy than the traditional roof mounted solar panels.

The Power Station is ideal for residential projects and considered a great option for a solar energy system due to it’s high efficiency.

Top reasons for installing a solar tracking system

  • Reduced installation costs
  • Significant production gains since the panels follow the sun
  • Finds the sun on your property without constraint of roof orientation
  • Much better production in winter months since snow is easily removed
  • Capability to make your home Net Zero
  • Less disruption to a residence and quicker installation

Reasons for NOT using a roof mounted system;

  • Panels lose efficiency due to heat generated from the sun on the roof.
  • Significant production lost because roof mounted solar cannot track the sun.
  • Panels lose production in winter months due to snow cover.
  • A roof should be a roof not a stage for electrical carrying devices, ask the fire department.
  • Future service with a single panel is very difficult, all panels are assembled close together requiring lifting multiple panels, you cannot walk on them to get to the one in the middle requiring service.
  • 25 years later the roof will require new shingles, and very likely, a majority of the roof plywood and the rafters will need to be replaced due to temperature differential between the steel fasteners and wood producing condensation, slowly rotting the timbers.
  • Cannot make your home Net Zero!

For more information, please see our reliable energy solutions for residential homes.