Residential Solar Power

GMI Solar takes care of all aspects of your residential solar power installation

Are you ready for residential solar power?


  • Step 1: Request a free residential solar power evaluation from GMI.
  • Step 2: A consultant will visit your property and conduct a site assessment.
  • Step 3: GMI will develop a customized solar solution to suit your property based on your energy requirements.
  • Step 4: Installation of your solar system will be carried out by GMI’s experienced and professional team.
  • Step 5: Once the installation is complete, you can start drawing energy from the sun and watch your utility bills take a dive!

Tax Rebates

State and federal incentives are at the highest they will ever be, so you pay less! For example, the State of CT offers either generous rebates or a ZREC Tariffs, and the Federal Gov’t kicks in 26%.

Tax Exemptions

Residential solar PV systems in Connecticut are exempt from all property taxes (some towns require that you file a form with the assessor’s office before the first day of November in the applicable assessment year).

The GMI Power Station

    • The GMI Power Station gives you 140% or more energy than the traditional roof mounted solar panels.
    • The Power Station is ideal for residential projects and considered a great option for a solar energy system due to it’s high efficiency.

Top reasons for installing a solar tracking system

    • Reduced installation costs
    • Significant production gains since the panels follow the sun
    • Finds the sun on your property without constraint of roof orientation
    • Much better production in winter months since snow is easily removed
    • Capability to make your home Net Zero
    • Less disruption to a residence and quicker installation