Roof or Solar Tracking Energy Solutions

GMI Solar offers reliable lifetime energy solutions

Pole mounted

roof mounted solar panels vs pole mounted solar

Roof mounted


GMI Solar Tracker

Our solar tracking systems reduce and often eliminate our clients energy costs in a world of rising oil prices. Our power station is capable of producing 140% or more power than a roof mount and 60% more than a standard ground mount.

Top reasons for installing a solar tracking system

    • Reduced installation costs
    • Significant production gains since the panels follow the sun
    • Finds the sun on your property without constraint of roof orientation
    • Much better production in winter months since snow is easily removed
    • Capability to make your home Net Zero
    • Less disruption to a residence and quicker installation

Roof Mounted Solar System

A roof mounted system integrates solar panels into the structure of the roof. GMI does NOT recommend roof mounted solar.


Reasons for NOT using a roof mounted system!

    • Panels lose efficiency due to heat generated from the sun on the roof.
    • Significant production lost because roof mounted solar cannot track the sun.
    • Panels lose production in winter months due to snow cover.
    • A roof should be a roof not a stage for electrical carrying devices, ask the fire department.
    • Future service with a single panel is very difficult, all panels are assembled close together requiring lifting multiple panels, you cannot walk on them to get to the one in the middle requiring service.
    • 25 years later the roof will require new shingles, and very likely, a majority of the roof plywood and the rafters will need to be replaced due to temperature differential between the steel fasteners and wood producing condensation, slowly rotting the timbers.
    • Cannot make your home Net Zero!