Solar Tracking Frequently Asked Questions

How does GMI Solar Tracker work?

Solar panels convert the most light into electricity when they face directly into the sun . GMI trackers use intelligent systems to keep the panels at the optimum angle throughout the day, maximizing the amount of electricity generated from the first of dawn in the morning, until the last bit of light slowly dissipates into the evening. Our trackers do this reliably, automatically, giving you the most electricity throughout every season regardless of geographic location. In snowy areas, the GMI Star Tracker tilts to remove snow keeping power flowing and eliminating production loss. The bottom line is simple; our affordable trackers keep money in your pocket, producing more power in less time.


How affordable is a solar system?


The cost of installing a solar system is surprisingly affordable.

Over the past decade we have seen solar prices go down while innovations and breakthroughs go up. That means great prices for you! In addition, state and federal incentives are at the highest they will ever be, so you pay less! For example, some states pay up to 25% toward your system and the Federal Gov’t kicks in 26%.

Allow us to show you how to turn your electric bill into a solar energy payment. if you currently pay $180 a month or more for power, you can replace that electric bill with a GMI Star Tracker. Once paid for, you have a quiet, reliable, environmentally friendly way of generating free power!

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How much will I really save on my electricity once I install a solar system?


This really depends on how much electricity you use and the efficiency and power output of your solar system.

Generally, you would expect to generate excess energy in the summer when daylight is abundant and this would help offset the energy that you would use from the grid in the winter.

Please see section on energy savings for more information.

Will I need a permit to install a solar system for my property?


GMI will obtain all necessary building and electrical permits for installing solar power in your premise.

Who do I approach for financing options?


GMI has the expertise to help you find the most competitive commercial or residential solar financing options. We will work with you to ensure your solar project delivers the greatest total savings on energy costs over the life of your system.