Utility Savings with Solar Power

The question is not will you save money, but how much you will save!


A properly-sized solar system can eliminate your heating, cooling and other energy costs throughout the year (even during the winter months). In other words, you can achieve net zero energy in your home where all your energy needs are provided by your own solar system.

Protect against rising energy costs


GMI makes Net-Zero affordable if you currently pay $180 a month or more for power, you can replace that electric bill with a GMI Star Tracker.  Solar PV systems typically pay for themselves in 10 years or less.


While you are paying for your Net-Zero Energy system your electric rate is locked in, no more rising rates for you!


Once your system is paid for, you can enjoy free electricity every day. Our designs are so efficient, even when its cloudy your system still makes power!

GMI can design a system that not only powers your home but heats it as well.


By adding an electric boiler or one of our heat-pump solutions, powered by your solar system, you eliminate your electricdomestic hot water and heating bills while dramatically raising the rate of return on investment. In the summer, solar power runs your air conditioners and keeps your building cool.


Huge savings on electric, oil and liquid propane bills.