Net Zero Energy Home

What is Net Zero Energy?

Imagine not paying for any electricity consumed, nor any oil or gas bills while living in your home. It is possible! A net zero energy (NZE) building is one that utilizes renewable energy sources to produce as much (or more) energy than it consumes. Any surplus energy produced is sent back into the grid and results in a credit back from the electricity company. The GMI Star Tracker can convert your home from a utility consumer taking money OUT of your pocket, to a net producer of electricity keeping YOUR money in your monthly budget!

Net Zero Energy Home

Is it cost effective & financially viable?

By taking advantage of generous federal and state tax incentives and rebate programs for renewable energy, net zero energy can be financially viable. Solar loans are available to help finance your program and can ensure that you start saving right from the start of your solar installation.

Why convert to net zero energy (NZE)?

We know increasing scarcity and rising prices of fossil fuels can force us to make sacrifices and cut backs on our energy consumption. But NZE can change all that. The concept of using renewable energy to meet all our energy demands while eliminating utility bills means we can enhance our comfort of living. For instance, heating and cooling our homes, and keeping temperatures constant throughout the year regardless of seasonal fluctuations or hike in oil prices.

NZE is the Gold Standard for many new homes and GMI Solar can now make energy independence a reality for you, in your new or in your existing home. We can show you why NZE makes sense for you. Tired of writing checks to your utility? Would you like to turn the tables? Let us explain how you can offset your entire utility bill and actually get a significant check from your power company every year for the next 15 years.

Why Solar?

Solar power is fast becoming the dominating choice of renewable energy systems. Over the years, prices of solar panels have dropped dramatically making solar very cost-competitive against traditional energy sources. Utility rates are projected to rise in the years ahead but owning your own Star Tracker solar power station will enable you to realize a fixed rate for the entire life of the system. The result is simply Huge Savings.


A GMI Power Station can produce enough power to meet your home’s heating, cooling and electricity
usage. The star tracker is fully automated to track the sun all day long and it is capable of producing 140% or more
energy than roof mounted panels. If you want to find out if our Star Tracker is a good fit for supporting your net zero
energy goals, talk to our experts. We will be very glad to assist you.

The bright future of Net Zero Energy homes


    • To grow independent of fossil fuels
    • To rely on renewable and sustainable energy sources
    • To achieve no energy bills or even produce surplus energy
    • To be energy efficient
    • To reduce carbon emissions

What it means for you

    • Enjoy positive cash flow
    • To live well without fear of energy spikes
    • Enjoy a healthier environment
    • Enjoy lifetime comfort