Solar Panel Tracking System and Solar Energy storage system

GMI providing the best PowerStation on the planet, was first and has designed and installed many Micro on or off Grid systems for a GMI tracker that enables you to disconnect from the grid easily for months at a time with no noisy generator that requires fuel and attention, and is affordable.


First is the GM Star tracker at the center, second is the whole house disconnect switch mounted up stream outside required by the utilities, and the SMA 200 amp automatic transfer switch and Storage Inverter.

Third is the BYD Modular 409 volt Lithium Iron storage battery, allows solar energy to be stored in a battery for night time Daytime and or emergency use. Forth is the battery in your Nissan electric automobile.

GMI has designed a system that quickly and easily allows the available charge in the battery of the Nissan auto to be used as additional backup power for the home.

The design Is superior to LG CHEM, Tesla, Bosch, SunPower and others.

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