Solar Panel Tracking System and Solar Energy storage system

With the addition of a modular battery component, The GMI Solar Tracker (PowerStation) system is designed to enable full off-grid capability for your home.

You will be able to fully disconnect from the power grid, without a generator’s inconvenience, noise and fuel.

With the GMI Solar Tracker at the center, a whole house disconnect switch is mounted outside, enabling an efficient means to disconnect from the power grid.  A transfer switch and inverter enable transfer of power from the solar tower to the battery, ready to power your home.
The BYD Modular 409 volt Lithium Iron storage battery allows solar energy to be stored in a battery for nighttime, daytime, and/or emergency use in the event of a power outage.

There are many battery storage systems on the market, but we now have hindsight on performance and safety to select the optimal battery for the GMI Solar Tracker PowerStation package.  The BYD Modular 409 Lithium Iron storage battery is compact, floor based, and does not generate heat.  This makes the battery safer and easier to install.