Solar Panel Tracking Systems

A high performance solar system that is technologically innovative, environmentally sustainable, and financially effective.

We are the solar industry Leader with our “State of the Art” Power Station. Photovoltaic (PV) is clean energy from the fuel source that belongs to All of Us – the sun. GM Industries, Inc.’s approach is to provide the highest yielding photovoltaic (PV) system available anywhere, a solar system with dual axis tracking rather than a fixed array system, or “bleacher mounts” and roof mounted panels. Our Solar Trackers are transparent, architecturally pleasing, Bifacial tracking technology, engineered for safety, strength and increased production. It is a system which places the solar panels high on a structure and tracks them toward the sun all day, a technology which provides dual axis tracking so the Bifacial solar panels always face directly to the sun. Production from a dual axis solar tracker will be at least 140% higher than roof mounted solar panels. This technology is superior to “bleacher mounts” fixed arrays. Due to their placement well above the ground, our Bifacial Solar Tracker maximizes albedo (whiteness reflection), production is improved, less shading from nearby objects (trees), and all panel circuits are out of reach, eliminating tampering, and to finalize, our system occupies 60 percent less ground area than all other systems, including the bleacher array.



The tracking technology will reduce the production losses due to snow to a very minimal amount.


At the start of each day all of the pole mount trackers will center and tilt vertical. This tilting will drop any snow or ice off of the face of the solar panels. The solar panels then proceed to track the sun across the sky. If during the day a snowfall covers the panels the entire fleet of panels can be set vertical with the click of a computer mouse. Other fixed systems will have losses from the impact of snow and ice whereas for the Solar Tracker it is minimized.


The output of a pole mount tracker will respond better to needs of residential and commercial properties because it will produce much of that extra power in the morning and afternoon when your usage tends to be at its highest. This fact alone will help contain utility peak demand charges (since the solar will produce more power, more consistently, throughout the daylight hours than a fixed array). When peak demand charges are reduced, You Save Money!


GM Industries, Inc.’s strongly built, extremely powerful array system includes our robust power and control management software. With one click you can unload accumulated snow from all of the arrays and start creating power!


Or you can chose to let our tracker automatically take care of that for you at the start of each day when they go vertical to drop snow and proceed to track the sun across the sky.

Auto Tracking Reliability and Reality


Some people will tell you a solar pv system with auto tracking cannot work in New England winters. This is not true. GMI utilizes electric motors for our tracking systems. We have used electric tracking motors reliably for over 40 years and these have performed flawlessly throughout the winter months and are in fact still working today. We manufacture our Solar Tracker to the highest standards in the business. The third generation drive designs improve reliability by using sealed hydraulics, this allows GMI to increase tracker warranty from 10 years to 25 years.


    • Our Power Station is capable of producing 140% more power than a roof mount.
    • Our pole and footings are professionally engineered and stamped to withstand winds of up to 100 mph with panels at a 42 degree angle.
    • GMI offers 20 to 88 panels in configurations of: 20, 24, 28, 30, 32, 35 36, 40, 42 and up to 88 all on a single structure.

The new GMI Power Station Model can produce over 105,000 kilowatt hours of power a year.