Celebrating the GM Power Station

Celebrating the GMI Star Tracker

GMI Star Tracker

GMI Star Tracker

We thought that the New Year presented a great opportunity for us to “Toot our own Horn!” We feel everyone should understand our commitment to quality and value that we build into our systems (be they ground mounted or roof mounted arrays). Since we are especially proud of our Power Station line of dual axis, bifacial trackers, and pictures do not show our whole story, we decided to list just a few of the reasons our tracker stands TALL and STRONG when compared to the other, less capable, trackers.
Made in USA components including a steel pole up to 20” in diameter and ½ inch thick
Our “pick-a-pole” length-option in case you want to mount your array w-a-a-a-y above the ground
Super-strong strong-back supplied in three pieces for easier shipping
Power Tilt technology for a safer, faster and better installation. This system is awesome!
No work within the home design with inverters on the pole, and power connections at the meter
Much of the wiring is contained within the steel pole & strong back, providing a nice clean look.
Thick 6” C-channel aluminum racking, anodized in the color of your choice
Deep foundations that include 1.25” anchor bolts
Heavy-duty actuators and slew drives to provide solid and secure tracking for your array
Tolland CT based technical support
The option of a Made in USA panel, including SunPower panels
An array that tracks automatically or can be adjusted manually via remote control Centralized diagnostic testing including the ability to monitor or control your array from our office
Heavy duty grounding system. #2 copper wire ring with three 10’ long ground rods, cad welded.
We offer comfort systems that provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems that integrate and are powered by PV panels mounted to our Star Tracker. Be it highly efficient geothermal, efficient air-source mini-splits, ducted heat pumps, heat pump water heaters or even electric boilers, we have a solution that will free you from your dependency on fuel oil, propane, or other expensive heating fuels.
GM Industries has been serving our customers in CT, MA, and NY for over 30 years. We take pride in providing quality service, reliable products and professional installation.

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